Adobe Internship : User Onboarding for Adobe Target

Case Study, Interaction Design

(This project being a closed-source project, all project details can not be shared)

Adobe Target being a complex product requires a robust framework for user education through various steps and features and also tips and guides that help them drive their activities better.

Design Brief

Adobe Marketing Cloud is a collection of integrated online marketing and Web analytics products by Adobe. Adobe Target, part of one of the eight solutions in the Adobe Marketing Cloud, is a tool for testing and targeting digital experiences. It allows marketers to visually manipulate and customize web experiences, target and test them for difference audiences, understand the most successful content and deliver personalized experiences. This internship aimed to work on two objectives

Part II : User Onboarding for Adobe Target

Research and Insights

I conducted a primary and secondary research, to get the better understanding of online marketing domain. Following are some of the insights that I collected from my research:

  • Marketers need to understand their competitors, so they can reach in better way to customer
  • Learnability is through PDFs, online tutorials, Quick support is missing, personal touch is missing
  • Chat-bots are not effective because they do not provide personal human touch
  • Trust factor is missing, people like to learn complicated work-flows simplified for them
  • Marketers use slack to communicate with other marketers
  • Trust oriented marketing, customer oriented marketing, experience oriented marketing
  • Share success stories to create product awareness
  • Product adaptation is difficult

Persona Study

The primary user of the Adobe Marketing Cloud is digital marketer. I build up personas for digital marketer and user of the service.

  • Persona 1
  • Persona 2

Conceptualization (Initial Ideas and mockups)

  • Multilevel Product Walkthrough
  • Tourist Guide Interface Metaphor
  • Intelligent Algorithm
  • Conversational Interface
  • Intuitive learning


Project Mentor, Piyush Jain - Senior UX Designer Adobe Systems