Experimental Animation

Compete is an experimental animation. It attempts to talk about competition that we face in our day to day life in abstract way, in the form of lines and dots.


We humans are known to be in the competition from our birth to death. Competition follows us throughout our life. From childhood to school to college and everywhere, we have to compete with each other to make progress in ourselves and to prove ourselves.

From my experience of competition, we meet with different types of people during the competition. In competition we meet people with thoughts that are similar to us as well as contradict with us. Whenever we meet to opposite personalities, there is kind of ego, a friction generated between us. Well, someone tries to pull you back while someone helps you to achieve your goals.

While throughout the competition we are motivated by our good thoughts, we gain energy, passion, strength and we move ahead to achieve goal. We always grow by experience during competition. We get energy from good experiences and we learn from our bad experiences.

We always face difficulties while achieving the targets, but try to win over these difficulties with the help of our experience and with our well-wishers.

Sometimes we start fighting with competitors on the other hand we sometimes help each other so called healthy competition. Whichever kind of competition it may be, but there is always case that someone competes against himself, or wins the competition without involving too much into main flow of competition.

Finally, I think even though one competition gets finished there is always other one waiting for you. So I think competition never ends.


Dr. Jignesh Khakhar, Ajay Tiwari