Recall : Recycle PET bottles

Service design, Interface Design

Global Hackathon curated by Ellen MacArthur Foundation, UK and supported by Philips and Cisco.

Design Brief

Exploring and providing solutions for any major public problems within the space-model of circular economy. How to increase PET container's lifecycle by introducing it's reusability, through structured buisness model.

Proposed Solution

Recall : A smartphone Application

Recall is smarphone application which is used by the consumer to keep the track of PET bottles and return these bottles after its use-cycle is over. The stakeholders of this service are product manufacturer, supermarkets, consumer, aggregator. Consumer purchases products in PET bottles through supermarkets, after these products are used, she scans the barcode on PET bottles using RECALL app. Once perticular number of bottles are collected, aggregator collects these bottles and returns to product manufacturer for reuse. Once product lifecycle is over, bottles are safely disposed.


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Team Structure

Praful Dharmaraje, Ankush Kale, Yash Seth, Akshay Hande, Sagar Sutar