The Story of Light

Interactive art installation

The Story of Light
Photography : Saurabh Srivastava

This interactive art installation was created for The Story of Light, 2015 at Panji, Goa by New Media Design department of National Institute of Design.


This installation consisted of three light tubes suspended from trees on the pathway near the Mandavi river in Panaji, Goa. Colors in each tube were cycled through different colors from colorwheel. On touch, each tube changes the color. This installation was an attempt to explore the relation between color and light.

  • The Story of Light
The Story of Light


This project was implemented by the team of 15 students of New Media Design under the guidance of Dr. Jignesh Khakhar. Whole team worked throughout the tight schedule of one month.


We sat together in the first week to come up with relevant ideas. Each member tried to contribute with their own thoughts and knowledge.

  • Brainstorming


Our first objective was to get perfect diffusion for the light coming out of the tubes. We used LED strips as the source of light, because LEDs are programmable. We started with small diameter water tubes. We explored till we come up with silicon material. After deciding upon the tube diameter, we custom manufactured silicon tubes. We also poured the mixture of glycerin and titanium dioxide to help to get light diffused. We required 3 prototypes to come up to the final product.

  • Prototype 1
  • Prototype 2
  • Prototype 3

Each component required for this project was custom designed and manufactured by students in team.

  • Constructing components
Constructing Components

As the installation was planned to be assembled onsite, we thoroughly tested final prototype in college campus.

  • Testing final prototype 1
  • Testing final prototype 2
Testing final prototype

This installation was designed to be assembled and disassembled onsite at anytime. The Packaging was properly planned. We carried all the product components in traveling suitcases from Gandhinagar, Gujarat to Panji, Goa.

  • Packaging
Onsite Assembly

This installation was assembled and tested in hotel in Panji. It was carried to the location of installation which was 1km away from hotel.

  • Onsite assembly 1
  • Onsite assembly 2
  • Onsite assembly 3
  • Onsite assembly 4
  • Onsite assembly 5
  • Onsite assembly 6
  • Onsite assembly 7
  • Onsite assembly 8
Onsite assembly of light pipes

People interacted with pipes through touch interaction. Although pipes were designed flexible to bend and squeeze.

  • Interaction 1
  • Interaction prototype 2
Public interaction with pipes
My Role in the project

My role was to manufacture top and bottom plugs required to seal light tubes. We manufactured these plugs through Nylon-66 rods. So I was mostly involved in manufacturing and designing process in workshop.

  • team
The Story of Light Team


Namrata Primlani, Shreya Garg, Kavya D, Rohitash Singh, Vaibhav Solanki, Vibhav kamat, Shreeyash Salunkhe, Nandhini, Sonali Chandrakar, Vibha Kulkarni, Sagar Sharma, Sagar Sutar, Uday Vir Singh, Kalyani Ingole, Pratish KS – Special thanks to Dr. Jignesh khakhar, Arshad Pathan, Hemraj Koshti